About Me


So nice to meet you! 🙂 I’m Star, and I’m a thick 30-something in California. I am 5’4, 190 pounds (give or take….. hahahaha), and 40D. I have blue eyes, brown hair, freckles, nice full lips, a big round ass, adorable little feet, and a very yummy pussy.

I’m a very sweet girl. I am happy, optimistic, down to earth and very friendly. I love to make people smile. I have suuuuch soft fair skin, and I am all shaved, nice and smooth 😉 I have one tattoo and small plugs in my ears, but I’m still very much a girl-next-door type <3


My favorite panties to wear depends on my mood but I usually like wearing good ol’ fullbacks – but I truly believe my ass was made for Victoria’s Secret cheekies. They are definitely their best after 2 or 3 days, well worth the extra couple dollars. I’m open minded and would never judge my wonderful buyers – if you’re thinking about asking for something you’re not sure I’d do, just ask! I’ll consider any request, and if I can’t do it, I’ll just say that I can’t – or I can find something I can do 😉 hehe

I’ve been so lucky to find such wonderful customers.  Being a lady, I naturally prefer to do business with men and women who are polite, patient, and kind 😉

I feel that, besides my scent (hehe), my specialty is in taking good care of first time buyers. I just love being the one you’ve chosen to help you indulge in the experience of turning your curiosity into fantasy. Our transaction will be quick and discreet, and my hope is always that you feel anticipation as you unwrap your treats, like it’s a gift… followed by pleasure and excitement when you experience what’s inside. Whether you only buy from me once to see what it’s like, or if you buy from me each month for years, my goal is always to make you feel special.

The thought of someone out there finding pleasure in my panties, socks, etc is soooooo exciting  ðŸ˜‹ So let’s turn each other on… email me to order your very own bit of fantasy <3