I am primarily a panty seller, and everything I have available is listed on my Instagram πŸ™‚

I have designated my Instagram page as my ultimate catalog. Everything I have available is on my IG, and everything on my IG is available.Β  This way, there's no need to ask what's available, or if I have any lace, or if I have any thongs, etc - everything you need is right on my Instagram πŸ™‚

All panty purchases include:
β˜™ Lots of playtime
β˜™ Pictures throughout the day of wear
β˜™ Priority shipping with discreet packaging


β˜™ Additional days are $5 each
β˜™ International shipping starts at $3
β˜™ Buy 3 at once, get 1 free!

Got more in mind to make your order perfect? I love to satisfy! If there’s anything you don’t see here, please feel free to message and ask – it might be something I haven’t thought about yet. Prices will vary depending on the order so get a wishlist together and message me to make it happen!

Yellow Goodies

β˜™ Forgetting To Wipe
β˜™ Wipe / Use As Toilet Paper
β˜™ Pee Through (+ video)

Red Goodies

β˜™ Wipe / Use As Toilet Paper
β˜™ Worn During Period (+accidents)
β˜™ Heavily Bled In

Brown Goodies

β˜™ Light/Medium Skidmark
β˜™ Heavy Skidmark
β˜™ Wipe / Use As Toilet Paper

Fetish Extras

β˜™ Pee Pop (+ video)
β˜™ Pee-Soaked Gummybears
β˜™ Tampons
β˜™ Socks (worn for two days)
β˜™ Used Razor (disposable razor used for a week)
β˜™ Chewed Gum
β˜™ Toe Treats
β˜™ Nail Clippings (fingers or toes)
β˜™ Bedsheet (used for a month)
β˜™ Toothbrush (used for a month)
β˜™ Deodorant (used for a month)
β˜™ Chapstick (used for a month)

I've expanded my services! Save up to $20 by bundling with panties, or I can just send you my socks or pantyhose on their own. Packaged discreetly as always, my socks can be worn up to a month, and pantyhose worn up to a week.

My panties and my time are first come, first serve, and I do not schedule anything without payment. I do usually have a wait list, sometimes as long as three weeks, so the sooner payment is received, the better! Please understand, for example, if I tell you I won't be able to wear for you for two weeks, then you come back in two weeks ready to pay, that spot I said I had has probably been filled and you'll now have to wait for my next opening AFTER that. It happens all the time πŸ™ So like I said, the sooner payment is received, the better.

I accept Cashapp, Google Pay, Amazon Giftcard, and tips through Manyvids, iWantClips, Indiebill, Onlyfans, AdmireMe, and AllMyLinks.

Privacy and discretion are extremely important to me, and I value yours as much as I value my own. I take time and care in ensuring that nothing is compromised.

Nearly all my buyers live with others but no one will ever guess what's inside the plain yellow or USPS envelope or box you'll receive. Your address is printed, or written in block lettering. And if I must use a customs form, I'll even list whatever you want in the declaration. "Notepad", "Artwork", "Phone Case" - Anything you like.

However, inside, when the time is right, your fantasy is waiting for you in a pretty little package. It's something you've treated yourself to, so naturally it should feel like opening a present.

How it's packaged up when you're finished is up to you πŸ˜‰

Updated August 23 2020: I hate to do this but I've decided it's best to not offer international shipping until Covid and the USPS delays are over ❀

I ship anywhere pornography is legal! πŸ™‚Β  They'll be mailed via First Class International in a plain yellow envelope, and the cost ranges from an additional $3 - $13 depending on your location. The Customs declaration can say anything you'd like - ones I've used in the past include "Notepad", "Artwork", and "Phone Case" for example.

I am everywhere!

Follow Me

β˜™ Instagram: All Available Panties
β˜™ Twitter: Panties, Pics and Babble
β˜™ Tumblr: More Panties, Pics, and Babble (inactive, but sometimes I visit and load up the queue)

Buy Videos and Photo Sets

β˜™ Manyvids: Videos and Photosets
β˜™ Indiebill: Videos and Photosets
β˜™ Clips4Sale: Videos
β˜™ iWantClips: Naughty Videos (no pee)

Fan Clubs

β˜™ Manyvids Crush: My secret stash of pics and videos; integrated with ManyVids so super easy to join if you're already a member πŸ™‚ I post lots of pics from my showers, first dibs at new panties for sale, long uncensored previews of my sexy clips, and quickies with my sex toys πŸ’¦
β˜™ OnlyFans: Contains all the same goodies as my Crush, made just for my fans who prefer OnlyFans πŸ™‚
β˜™ AdmireMe.vip: Another Crush / OnlyFans mirror, with the addition of pee content. If you like to watch girls pee, this is the one for you!

NOTE - My Manyvids Crush page is now inactive and not updated, but I've kept the existing content there at a discount.

Everything Else

β˜™ starlingxox.com: My Own Site πŸ™‚
β˜™ Red Light Center: A virtual world I sometimes hang out in, and I think you may enjoy. You can meet people, go to clubs and parties, even orgies. Sign up here!

Tips and Tributes

I can accept tips via:
β˜™ Buy Me A Coffee
β˜™ AllMyLinks (best payout for me)
β˜™ Indiebill (2nd best payout for me)
β˜™ iWantClips
β˜™ Manyvids

Gift Cards

These are the top sites I’d love to get eGift Cards from:
β˜™ Southwest
β˜™ Victoria’s Secret
β˜™ Rifftrax
β˜™ Starbucks

These would be much appreciated as well:
β˜™ Fire Mountain Gems
β˜™ Bath and Body Works
β˜™ Body Art Forms

My email address is starling.xox@gmail.com
Please note: I ONLY accept email delivery; on some of these sites, you may need to select that option.

Amazon Wishlist

Here's my wishlist I have a whole variety of stuff on it – really just random things I come across that catch my eye, hehe. I appreciate everything I receive!

If you have been looking for places to upload your clips or sell stuff, and would like to support me without paying a cent, using these affiliate links would help me so much and be so appreciated!

β˜™ Manyvids
β˜™ Indiebill
β˜™ iWantClips
β˜™ AllMyLinks
β˜™ OnlyFans
β˜™ AdmireMe.vip
β˜™ Buy Me A Coffee
β˜™ Boleyn Models (an absolute MUST if you're a member of any of the sites they work with)

I am in California, USA. I am 38, my panty size is XL (usually size 8), and bra size tends to usually be 40D. I am Caucasian, and I have blue eyes, brown hair, and freckles. I am very much taken. My shoe size is 8.5, I am 5'4, I have one simple tattoo, and small stretched ear piercings. I do not smoke, and drink very little. I am a true girl next door πŸ™‚

I will send pictures throughout the day that I wear for you. Without a panty purchase, all I provide are the pictures you can find on Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. Those are your free samples πŸ˜‰ If you'd like to buy pictures or videos, that's what my OnlyFans and AdmireMe pages are for πŸ™‚

My OnlyFans and AdmireMe pages are mirrors of each other (identical content uploaded to both) except for one exception - AdmireMe has my pee clips, and OnlyFans does not. I decided to do it this for my fans and buyers who aren't into it, so they won't have to see it as they scroll through my goodies. So if you're wondering which one to join, that's the only difference πŸ™‚

My Manyvids Crush contained the same content as you'll find at my AdmireMe up to November '19, but I have decided to retired it. However, I've discounted the cost of yearly access and left it as it was.

For various personal reasons, I am unable to promise videos to my panty customers. IF I can make one, I will absolutely send it your way free of charge via a Google Drive link under the condition that I may share it on my OnlyFans and AdmireMe pages. I do have quite a few premade videos ready for you, available at the sites listed above, though πŸ™‚

I don't currently offer these services. As an alternative to Snapchat I do have pages at OnlyFans, and AdmireMe that I'd love to invite you to!
As I don't have the time to devote to offering a Girlfriend Experience, I unfortunately can only make time to chat to arrange Panty or Clip purchases, and minimal friendly flirty chat thereafter.
Please understand though that I do work full time, I commute for two hours a day, and I sleep πŸ˜‰

For personal reasons, I can no longer sell Pussypops or Asspops.

I do not send pictures or videos, or do video calls, to verify that I'm real. I have taken a lot time to go through various verification processes for each site listed above that hosts my content; They have approved my content because I've proven with my California ID that I am who I say I am.

If you have any questions that haven’t been covered here, please drop me a DM at Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or email starling.xox@gmail.com <3