My Panty Selling Essentials

When I made my first $100 from selling, I decided to use it to buy supplies to improve my business and products. If you are able to as well, I really recommend it.

Firstly, these are a few of the things I don’t buy on Amazon: Thank You cards, tissue paper, ribbon, and wax paper / cling film. I just feel that the value isn’t there; I get much better value at local Dollar Stores. I do realize that not everyone has access to as many stores as I do (I’m in the Los Angeles area so they’re literally on every other corner, haha), so I apologize that I don’t have any good Amazon links on hand for these items.

I no longer use Wish, but I used to get some supplies from them for pretty cheap, such as more ribbon, “thank you” stickers, and tulle.

Shein is my new Wish alternative in a way, they have some good stuff too! “Thank You” stickers and tags, other cute stickers, ribbon, washi tape, super cute treat bags, string, and more ribbon. They’ve got lots of affordable panties and other sallables too 😁

I have also found goodies in the clearance section at craft stores, such as – you guessed it – ribbon (okay yes, I love ribbon. Haha), stickers, and organza bags.

Amazon Links

First Things First

I personally swear by my vacuum sealer, but many sellers do just fine without one. When my first sealer broke, I had to use baggies for a period of time and I did notice a big difference in the feedback I got. Vacuum sealing does un-pretty your packaging, but my buyers really do seem to prefer it.

The exact sealer I currently use (and LOVE) is no longer on Amazon but the one I linked above is about the same price, a great brand, and has great reviews. This is the one I’d choose right now if I had to. The first sealer I got was $20 and it was an absolute piece of shit. DEFINITELY pay attention to reviews when you pick yours out!

I’ve bought a few different sets of vacuum bags and rolls since I started and the set linked here is amazing. You get 150 bags, but 50 of them are so big you can cut them in half if you need to, and the largest you could actually cut into fourths! You’ll have no problem fitting a pair of panties, a small jar or bottle, or a couple pops into the cut bags. And the biggest ones could easily fit larger clothing items – a size 18 pair of jeans or pair of shoes, for example. At $24.88 (the price I paid) it seems like a lot to pay at once but considering you’ll receive 150 bags that you could potentially turn into 350 bags in the end, you’re only paying 7¢ to 16¢ each.

If this one doesn’t interest you, these are some others I’ve used before and was very happy with:
Two rolls, each 8″ x 50′, $21 (21¢ per foot)
200 Bags, 8″ x 12″, $27 (14¢ each bag)

Shipping Supplies

Cost: $6.99
(28¢ each)

Cost*: $7.35 – $15.71
(30¢ – 59¢ each)


* Prices fluctuate a LOT. For example, since I bought those boxes, they’ve doubled in price; there’s a chance that’s due to Covid so hopefully prices will someday go back to normal. Please pay attention to the prices of these items before you buy them. If the price is stupid high, search for similar items at a better price. I have left the link for now, in case the price goes back down.

My packing supply tips: Only use bubble mailers, they are sturdier than paper. And please, I implore you, please only use plain yellow/white/brown/etc! ❤

I usually prefer to use priority shipping, so in those cases I use USPS flat rate envelopes and boxes, which are free from the Post Office or If you mail priority using your own envelopes or boxes, it costs a little more.

A food scale is SO useful for figuring out your postage costs. Don’t lose money by under-estimating! (Been there, done that. Ugh.)

Storage Solutions

I used to be in a group chat on Instagram with a couple of the busiest panty sellers I’ve ever seen. They typically had orders to wear every day, scheduled weeeeeeeeeks in advance (Goals!). One of them shared this particular Over-The-Door organizer, which she was using to store her upcoming wears. The other busy sellers ran to get their own, and loved their new system. I’m not busy enough to need this system, but I bought one anyway to use for my toiletries in the bathroom because it’s REALLY attractive and pretty well made.

The packing cubes….. Holy fuck, I am obsessed with this set of packing cubes. I’ve bought three sets. I originally got them for traveling, but a few months ago I realized they are perfect to store my panties in! I used to use decorative boxes, but I was at the point where I was going to need a second box soon and I didn’t want to deal with that. So I started using the medium-sized cube and I can’t recommend it enough. The top is mesh, so they can breathe. The material is forgiving, but once it’s zipped it packs everything in where it needs to be. I now currently use two medium cubes (one for cotton, and one for lace and nylon. You can fit 50+ pairs in each one) and one small cube (for my pantyhose and plain white fullbacks).

I love these I love these I love these I love these!

Whether you keep your panties in packing cubes, a box, a drawer, or a grocery bag (hey, whatever works, haha), it’s a good idea to keep them fresh, which is what the Charcoal bags are for. These work like giant silica gel packets, absorbing moisture and odors. They’re also pretty good to hang in your closet or in your shoes (shoes you’re not going to sell, of course 😁 )

Other Essentials

A printer is definitely essential if you want to print your shipping labels from home. However, at the time I’m writing this, prices have soared due to Covid, since so many people are now working from home. The printer I linked ($99) is similar to mine, which I paid about $40 for in the summer of 2018……..and it is currently $500 from third-party sellers (!!!). I highly recommend shopping around, maybe get one directly from the manufacturer, or from an electronics store. Ink has gone up substantially, as well, even generic. Ugh.

One price that HASN’T been absurdly inflated in recent months is the price of thermal label printers; not too badly, at least, as far as I can tell. I am currently on my last couple labels worth of ink, and instead of dropping $55 on two new cartridges (that USED to cost $25), I’ve decided to invest in a thermal label printer instead. The items I plan to buy (the printer and 500 labels) will run me $160; I am justifying this large amount by considering that ink is going to cost about $20-$50 a pop (which I feel is going to get worse before it gets better), and I go through 2 cartridges a year. As long as I take care of this new printer, and keep it clean, it should easily outlast $160 worth of ink.