Instagram Buyer – 5/1/17

I really can’t get enough of Star. This time I had to have one of every panty choice she offers…and her pops too, pussy and arse. Pussy pops are so much fun and arse pops mmm I was really pleasantly surprised to find that I could tell they were real, there was a undeniable essence on the stick that was so exciting.

All of panties she wore for me were perfect. Carefully packaged, the safe discreet vacuum packs are wrapped like gifts. And no fiddly bits to ruin the moment, they are fresh and so exciting to unwrap. Her daily wear pair were so real. A really cute pair of Victoria Secrets cheekies that are made for her beautiful soft curved arse. They were stiff with sweet mess that she showed off on request and showed me her daily wear. They smelled and tasted of a real woman and her sexy play, even a slight sweet hint of her sweat mmm

She kindly met my specific request to pee first thing in the morning for me. Seeing her do it was so erotic and created such anticipation for the mail to arrive. Naturally they didn’t disappoint. Delicious and sexy.

She also fulfilled my darkest fantasy with her characteristic Sweet giving manner that makes me feel so good. I had sampled some light skid marks previously to see if my fantasy was real, it was! So this time she made a heavy mess for me. They were amazing. I could distinctly see the times she had pressed that cotton against her dirty arse for me. I was excited to unwrap them. A little anxious, but I love the self control I need to enjoy such and intimate sexy gift. This time there was plenty of mess for me to really get involved in the moment. I enjoyed them all night, tasting her time and time again. When lost in the moment the taste was a beautiful combination of bitter and sweet like fine chocolate (no pun intended) I was in heaven for hours, living my fantasies, immersed in this beautiful sexy woman.