The Importance of Discretion

“What Discreet Shipping Means To Me:
When I say “discreet shipping” in my listings, what is meant by that? Well, privacy and discretion are extremely important to me, for both myself and for you, and I take time and care in ensuring that nothing is compromised.
Nearly all of my buyers live with others but no one will ever guess what’s inside the plain yellow or USPS envelope or box that you’ll receive. Your address is always printed on an official USPS shipping label. And if I must use a Customs Form, I’ll even list anything you’d like in the declaration.  “Notepad”, “Artwork”, “Phone Case”… Your choice.
However, inside, when the time is right, your fantasy is waiting for you, in a very pretty little package. It’s something you’ve treated yourself to, so naturally it should feel like opening a present.
How it’s packed up when you’re finished is up to you

Maybe it’s because I’m an empath, but most of my actions are done only after considering the best and worst case scenarios for everyone involved. When I started selling, of course I was enticed by the cute pink envelopes I saw on Amazon, but only for about 4 seconds. Best case scenario if I used them: I get to send my panties in a cute pink envelope. Worst case scenario: the cute pink envelope is intercepted, or catches the attention of my buyer’s wife or girlfriend, who will certainly want to know why the their man is receiving a pink envelope.

Is it worth outing your buyers to their family just because you want to be cute? No. It is in NO way worth it. We provide a fantasy and for most buyers, it’s a very personal and private fantasy and we have all the power to keep it that way. The burden of discretion falls on us. We should take pride in it. I know I do.

I take this topic pretty seriously and I’ve gotten into more than a couple debates with sellers who are adamant on using colorful and girly envelopes. “None of my customers have had a problem with it yet.” That’s great. You’re lucky. “It’s not like I’m writing ‘here’s your used panties’ on the front, it could be anything inside.” Could it, though? “Well, I wouldn’t notice or care if my boyfriend got a pink envelope in the mail.” Are you your buyer’s girlfriend? No? Then you can’t speak for her. “It would be his fault for not asking for a plain envelope or not getting to it first when he knew it was on the way.” Excuse me?!

If we can just play devil’s advocate for a second, can we have just a little empathy for the one man whose girlfriend WILL notice? The one man who WILL care? The one man who thought his expectations of privacy were obvious enough and didn’t think he had to actually ask for it?

My fellow sellers, in this business, our literal lives depend on our privacy. That’s not hyperbole. And our livelihoods depend on discretion – let’s be honest, most of us are keeping our selling a secret from someone, right? If you value your own privacy, you have a severe lack of morals and ethics if you choose to not offer that same courtesy for your buyers, or if you don’t think it’s as important to protect as your own. Especially when it’s something as simple and easy as just not using a pink envelope. You are risking serious damage to a real human being’s livelihood and relationships. Worst case scenario? You may literally ruin someone’s life. Repeat after me: Their privacy is just as important as yours. That is fact.

I get it, I really do – you want to stay on-brand. Get some cute thank you cards, wrapping or tissue paper, ribbon, etc at a dollar store. Cover that shit in heart stickers and pastel doodles, whatever. You can make your package the cutest thing ever – on the inside.

Obviously you don’t need to get as crazy as I do with the wrapping, it just happens to be something I really love to do. I just want to show you that even with a plain envelope or box, you can still be as on-brand and cute as fuck as you want! ❤

And to any panty buyers that read this, please know that you absolutely have the right to privacy and you should only choose sellers who take that seriously. Though the burden of discretion should fall on the seller, if you have any concerns at all, or if your seller doesn’t advertise discreet shipping, you have every right to ask how your items will be mailed, or to ask for it to be mailed in plain packaging. You have the right to ask to see the envelope if you want. It may not occur to you until it’s too late. Even if you choose not to buy from me, I genuinely care about your privacy and I want you to be safe and to be able to keep buying panties 🙂