Thank you for the delicious thong! Your gusset was delicious and your scent was intoxicating!

Twitter Buyer 1/4/20

She is one of the best providers out there. If you need to feed your fetish, reach out to this lovely, sweet and caring young lady. You won’t be disappointed.

Twitter Buyer 10/23/19

The blue panties are stronger in scent and very delicious. The gray thong is soft and has good scent too!!! Thank you for selling me your sexy panties!

Email Buyer 10/5/19


I’m so happy Star has a subscription page (admireme), I love to see her creamy skin, beautiful curves, and perfect pussy. This page is already packed with pleasure… hours worth and some happee surprises in there too. I can see this girl 100 times a day and still crave more. She is stunningly beautiful, cute as hell and sexy as fuck.

Instagram Buyer 6/12/19

I received your panties today. And let me say, I will be back. From the lovely hand written note to the care you took in wrapping them, was all top notch. Not to mention that sexy video, which I can’t stop watching. Thank you again for letting me indulge this crazy fetish.

Twitter Buyer 5/17/19

I have been buying panties, pics and videos from her for over a year. She is incredible! Sweet, responsive, and by far my favorite person on the internet! Her undies are to die for! I keep coming back for more… very highly recommended! You won’t be disappointed.

Tumblr Buyer 5/10/19

Star is so sweet and gentle to deal with, the only thing that may exceed her sweetness is how damn sexy she is! She is such a pleasure to buy from and her sweetness never falters which makes fulfilling ones fantasies and fetishes a dream. Everything she does is so pretty and fucking delicious!

Instagram Buyer 5/7/19

I was finally able to unwrap the panties tonight. I must say you do exceptional work. The video was outstanding. And the wrapping the panties for shipping was above and beyond. Thank you!

Tumblr Buyer 11/19/2018

Your note was so sweet and so appreciated. I’m saving the pops for when I can have some time along to enjoy them. You’re amazing… thank you!

Tumblr Buyer 11/3/18

Star! OMG! They are fantastic. You smell amazing!!! The packaging was so nice. I can’t wait to have a little private time with them later 😉

Twitter Buyer 9/22/18

Darling I am speechless, the way you wrapped up my order it is impeccable. You really do take pride in your work and you do take care of your clientele.

Instagram Buyer 6/20/17

I really can’t get enough of Star. This time I had to have one of every panty choice she offers…and her pops too, pussy and arse. Pussy pops are so much fun and arse pops mmm I was really pleasantly surprised to find that I could tell they were real, there was a undeniable essence on the stick that was so exciting. (more…)

Instagram Buyer – 5/1/17

I very much enjoyed the whole process. I enjoyed getting pictures of you wearing the panties. Then I also enjoyed looking to see when my package arrived. I was super excited, and to have the opportunity to play and sniff them wa magical. Thank you so much starlingxox!!! I will have to order from you again!! Much love.

Tumblr Buyer 3/6/17

I must say Star takes the time to pay attention to detail. Panties were super fresh, creamy, smelled great, and yummy. Packaging is on point, so it’s always fresh. Sexy pics too! I definitely recommend buying from her. She is a pleasure to talk to and 100% honest with her schedule. Fellas, get your fix from Star!

Instagram Buyer 2/24/17

Starling has been so good to me since I have been buying from her for months now and her taste in panties are the best and they smell so good and she knows what I like also.

Instagram Buyer 2/23/17

Star is so sweet. I love talking to her. She is so easy to talk to. If you have any requests she tries to make it happen. I have ordered with her a few times. I have loved everything. Her panties are simply amazing. They have a great smell to them and loads of cum. Shipping is really fast. Her socks and shoes are great, the smell is so good. She is an all around nice woman.

Instagram Buyer 1/8/17

Return customer, obviously can’t keep away. My second order was amazing. I had a couple of Star’s amazing extras. These additions let me experience the stuff of fantasy. Star dealt with my requests kindly and happily, which was amazing. They arrived in lovely condition, well packed and prompt. To hold them and have them…… ahhh not to be missed. I’m hooked, I will be back again for more treats.

Instagram Buyer 12/20/16

This was my first experience like this, Starling was just irresistible. She is lovely to deal with, patient and accommodating. My package had to travel right across the Atlantic but arrived in great condition, carefully packaged and cute. She is the real deal, the knickers genuinely smelled as good as she looks and are so sexy. I didn’t last long 😉 lol. I will be back for more.


Instagram Buyer 11/30/16

I received the package the other day. They smelled so great and were real tasty.

Instagram Buyer 10/11/16

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I received the panties! I loved them and you are such a babe. Totally worth the price ❤


Instagram Buyer 10/5/16

Wow. Just wow. You have now become my favorite seller. I have nothing but pure joy running through me at this moment. I cannot thank you enough for the surprise. Don’t ever stop being perfect. ❤


Instagram Buyer 9/26/16

Received the package today. Gotta hand it to you. You went above and beyond my request. Perfection at its finest. The scent definitely has me hooked enough to be a return buyer. Love the aroma that lingers around my nose after a few sniffs. Keep up the good work.

Instagram Buyer 9/20/16